The ideal choice for compact design and unequaled thermal performance...
Unit of Measure


Inner Tube Size

N/A 0.38 in. OD x 0.049 in. Wall 9.5 mm OD x 1.2 mm Wall

Outer Tube Size

N/A 0.75 in. OD x 0.049 in. Wall 19.1 mm OD x 1.2 mm Wall

Inner Tube Fitting

N/A 3/8 in. NPT Male

Outer Tube Fitting

N/A 3/4 in. NPT Female

Product Contact Surface Finish

N/A SF1: 20 µin (0.5 µm) Ra Max

Weight Empty

N/A 12.29 lb5.6 kg

Heat Transfer Area

N/A 1.7 ft²0.16 m²


N/A All Components 316L Stainless Steel

Maximum Operating Conditions

Inner Tube Pressure & Temperature

N/A 3000 psi to 800 ºF 3980 psi to 200 ºF

Outer Tube Pressure & Temperature

N/A 1000 psi to 800 ºF 1900 psi to 200 ºF